Two Ways You Can Bring the Salon Experience Home!

Sometimes life doesn’t always allow you the time to step into the salon to get that much-needed ‘tune-up’ appointment for a toner or a deep conditioning treatment when your hair isn’t quite ready for a full-color maintenance service. Fortunately, Kevin Murphy and Eufora have wonderful products that make it very possible for salon-goers to do this upkeep from their own bathroom!

So what are deep conditioning masks and toners? Why should I use them?

Deep conditioning treatments are restorative, concentrated ‘masks’ similar in usage to face masks that are jam-packed with nourishing ingredients and are very customizable to your specific hair needs! 

A toner (Also known as a gloss treatment or glaze in hairdresser lingo!) is a demi-permanent color deposit used by stylists to quickly refresh the overall vibrancy or to cancel out brassy tones in blonde hair. It’s a great upgrade to a shampoo and style at the salon or to extend the time between major color services. It will wear away over the course of four to six weeks depending on the frequency that you wash your hair! 


The 'Masque'

We also have several deep conditioning staples at Tanglz Color Studio that can be added as a service upgrade and that are available to bring home! Our salon favs include: 

From Kevin Murphy…

  • The Hydrate-Me.Masque is intensely moisturizing! This masque is best suited for coarse, thick hair or even extension wearers who need to show their wefts some TLC!
  • The Young.Again.Masque is a restorative treatment that’s gonna help wind back the clock on bleached, damaged hair although it’s also a great option for extension wearers as well!
  • The Angel.Masque is a lighter-weight hair masque for our ladies with fine hair out there! It’ll strengthen frail hair without weighing it down.

 From Eufora…

  • The Urgent Repair Treatment is a Tanglz Color Studio favorite with its intensely nourishing formula suited for just about anyone and its delicious minty scent!
  • The Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Masque will provide an ample amount of moisture without being too heavy and is perfect for frequent heat-stylers.

Time for a Tone Up?

If you don’t have time to come into the salon for a toner or glossing treatment, Kevin Murphy’s Coloring Angels and Eufora Color Revive have your back! Although their results don’t last as long as their stylist-mixed counterparts, usually only lasting until your next wash, they are perfect if you need a quick fix. 

Kevin Murphy Coloring Angels

Kevin Murphy Coloring Angels  come in 4 different colors (If you include their original formula Blonde.Angel, there are actually 5!) and can suit a wide array of hair types:

  • Blonde.Angel is the original of the bunch! This is a purple formula that will cancel out yellow-brass tones on blonde hair.
  • Sugared.Angel has a vanilla-y, beige tone that will add a brilliant shine.
  • Autumn.Angel is a super fun apricot color that will add a delicate peachy tone to your hair!
  • Cool.Angel has a cool ash tone that will help cancel out red and orange tones from the hair. It can be used on blondes, brunettes, and grey hair!
  • Crystal.Angel is a crystal clear gloss that contains no pigment but will add a beautiful luster to all hair colors!

Eufora Color Revive

Eufora Color Revive is another line of at-home glossing treatments that can pack a serious punch to a wide array of hair colors:

  • Color Revive Blonde is a rich purple color that will cancel out yellow-brassy tones in blonde hair while providing some serious conditioning!
  • Color Revive Brunette is going to deliver rich chocolate-y qualities to brown hair while enhancing shine.
  • Color Revive Red will intensify all of the redheads out there with some fiery color!
  • Color Revive Copper is for everyone that loves coppery, caramel tones in their hair or is just looking for some added warmth.
All of these products and more can be found in salon at Tanglz Color Studio or conveniently at our online store with direct shipping to your front door! Hope to see you in the salon soon! 🙂