First Ever Blog Post.

Hello friend! Welcome to our first ever blog post. We are so excited and honored that you are here! Writing has always been one of my outlets, something I’ve enjoyed throughout my life. It’s also been a dream to actually write a blog post at some point and I’m FINALLY giving it a shot! So, what can you expect here? WHO KNOWS! I hope to share helpful info about hair, behind the scenes of our salon, and fun industry related helpful hints. So, sit back, buckle up, here we go!

Fall is FINALLY here. Well, as much fall as Southeast Texas can do! This weekend we are forecasted to have dreamy temperatures in the 50s. The colors and fashion are shifting, and our guests are ready for change. So, what does that look like?? Here are a few ideas of how to shift your hair to a color vibe that looks like your favorite fall coffee drink.

Blonde. You’ve probably heard that word before, but do you know what it means? Gone are the days you have to choose between being blonde or brunette. Now, we can use a blend of colors + techniques and create a beautiful blend of the two. It’s softer than a traditional blonde, but not as dark as a classic brunette. It is also a great choice for anyone wanting to go back to a bright blonde in the spring.

Caramel Balayage. You’ve heard of this look approximately 4 million times, but it is consistently a great option for fall hair. What is a balayage you ask? Balayage is derived from the French word that means “sweeping.” Typically, it is a hand painted look that is lighter towards the ends and incorporates the natural hair at the crown. It is a lower maintenance look that only requires long salon appointments once or twice per year. Caramel can mean something as dark as a medium brownish color to a lighter bronze-y look. The best thing about these looks is the customization we can give each guest.


This is the part of the transitional season that we all love the most, the humidity is dropping! Hallelujah! Although this is also our favorite time of the year, it is important to switch up our haircare regimens to reflect the change in air as well. Static electricity comes in to play when the air is dryer as well. Here are a few of our personal favorite products to give your hair it’s best fall life ever!

This is unanimously our favorite product that we carry at Tanglz Color Studio. It’s a dry oil made from Kukui, Argan, Neem, and Cranberry Oils that provides a lightweight fast absorbing shell that adds moisture and shine to the hair. Best part?? You can also use this on your skin and scalp! It’s great for static and the dryness we are subject to in this climate. Retail price $44.

This protein rich intensive deep conditioning treatment is perfect for thick hair, course hair, frizzy hair, and so much more! It has strengthening and reparative properties that restore shine and menthol, camphor, and peppermint oil extracts to sooth dry and itchy scalp. It also has that refreshing minty tingle that is perfect for this weather. Retail price $32.

Re.Store is Kevin Murphy’s version of a co-wash, an all in one wash and rinse. Pairing green pea proteins, amino acids and papaya and pineapple enzymes, this easy to use treatment binds hair to restore elasticity and strength. It’s perfect for those who like to shampoo daily to use every third day. Retail price $37.

Everyone has heard of a dry shampoo, but dry conditioner, that’s the real game changer! Immortelle oil moisturizes, while antioxidants provide anti-aging benefits all while adding shine to dry dull hair. This product also serves as a blocker against that pesky dry static from the cooler temperatures. Retail price $32.


All of these products and more can be found in salon at Tanglz Color Studio or conveniently at our online store with direct shipping to your front door!

See you in the salon soon!